What you will learn in this course

In this course you get an overview on the most important methods and tools of experience innovation.

  • Personas

    Create empathy with your customers and understand their needs and expectations.

  • Journey maps

    Discover pain points and moments of truth in their customer experience.

  • Stakeholder maps

    Learn what stakeholders influence your service and how they are connected.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • About this course [1 min]

  • 2


    • What is a persona? [1 min]

    • Intro: the What and Why of personas [4 min]

    • The basics of personas [8 min]

    • Deep dive: personas [38 min]

    • Cheat sheet: personas [3 min]

    • Quiz: personas [3 min]

  • 3

    Journey maps

    • What is a journey map? [1 min]

    • Intro: the what and why of journey maps [5 min]

    • The basics of journey maps [5 min]

    • How to create and analyze a journey map [8 min]

    • Example journey maps: giving context [10 min]

    • Deep dive: personas on journey maps [30 min]

    • Cheat sheet: journey maps [3 min]

    • Quiz: Journey maps [3 min]

  • 4

    Stakeholder maps

    • What is a stakeholder map? [1 min]

    • Intro: the What and Why of stakeholder maps [3 min]

    • The basics of stakeholder maps [8 min]

    • Deep dive: stakeholder maps [30 min]

    • Cheat sheet: stakeholder maps [3 min]

    • Quiz: stakeholder maps [3 min]

  • 5

    That's all, folks!

    • Your feedback [2 min]

What you will get

Read, watch, listen and benefit from hands-on recommendations for different types of learning preferences.

  • Video tutorials

  • Deep-dive sessions

  • Examples and practitioners' stories

  • Cheat sheets to put on your desk

  • Tipps for getting started

About your hosts

The Smaply team

Hello, it’s the people behind “This is Service Design Thinking” and "This is Service Design Doing"! Founded by the co-authors of the two business bestsellers, the Smaply team offers tools and knowledge for experience innovators to embed and scale customer centricity in their organization. We strive to put all our expertise and learnings into our products – backed by insights from co-creation with our users.